Moments in nature are unpredictable, anything can happen at any time. Be ready!

Here at Ultimate Africa, we do not expect you to have the best camera, equipment or to sit somewhere quiet waiting for that moment, what we will expect is for you to make sure you’re ready at the button.

Timing is absolutely everything

Wildlife photography does not give the photographer the chance to ask or request that an animal be still, strike a pose or be camera ready. This will for that reason always ensure the most picturesque moments are captured by ready and passionate photographers. Wildlife photography is based on fleeting moments that are golden. Only one way to get to know the wildlife and that is by spending time with nature and its abundant brilliance of colours, animals and rich topography. 

Knowing your gear will also provide peace of mind when you’re at the ready to take your perfect picture. Make sure you have the correct lenses on, and your settings are adjusted and spot on! Pictures are forever they are filled with stories and memories. 

Work the light – Golden hours!

Photography is all about painting with light. Some natural lighting will enhance all photos taken at the right time. This will be the crack of dawn, midday and towards the evening to capture those beautiful African sunsets.


Clothing is one of the most important areas of wildlife photography (remember to dress accordingly to weather conditions) you don’t want to be out all day and come back looking like a cherry tomato! Or have to go back to camp due to a wardrobe malfunction. Clothing colour doesn’t play a huge role, yes it does help to dress in camo but remember to be comfortable.

Remember to have fun! The experience is what you need to enjoy and take in.

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